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Complete Garage Renovation in Kirkwood

Complete Garage Renovation in Kirkwood

Before After
Complete Garage Renovation in Kirkwood Complete Garage Renovation in Kirkwood

This garage had complete Hello Garage renovation with several upright storage units installed along with custom slatwall around windows and storage and a beautiful Moose Tracks polyaspartic flooring!

Town & Country MO Transformation

Town & Country MO Transformation

Before After
Town & Country MO Transformation Town & Country MO Transformation

A complete renovation with Chocolate Chip flooring and Snickerdoodle Slatwall covering two entire walls and multiple shelves, cabinets, workbench and Drop Zone!

New Garage Floor in Creve Coeur MO

New Garage Floor in Creve Coeur MO

Before After
New Garage Floor in Creve Coeur MO New Garage Floor in Creve Coeur MO

Hello Garage changed this ugly epoxy floor into a beautiful and durable polyaspatic in Cookies And Cream color in Creve Coeur, MO.

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Hello Garage of West St. Louis County is Saint Louis County, MO’s trusted garage renovation specialist, offering garage storage, garage floor coatings and garage accessories. Our team is skilled, efficient and committed to providing you with the best products in the industry. Not only that but we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional installation experience. What’s better than that?

Ready to enhance the look and usability of your garage? Contact us today at 1-844-209-1230 or complete the provided form to schedule your free garage renovation estimate. We are proud to serve Saint Louis County, MO.

What services do we offer in Saint Louis County?

We are experts in perfecting the elements of your garage that make the biggest impact. That’s why we focus on garage storage, floor coatings and accessories. Read on to learn more about the services we offer in Saint Louis County:

  • Garage Floor Coatings: We offer a Polyaspartic Floor Coating System which resembles the look and strength of granite and can be installed in about a day!
  • Garage Storage: Our Storage Solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.
  • Garage Accessories: Our Slatwall Sets, track system and other accessories are crafted to take your garage to the next level.

Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative in Saint Louis County

Too many homeowners and garage renovation contractors rely on epoxy floor coating for their garage floors. Unlike our counterparts, we have developed our own state-of-the-art floor coating system that is designed to never peel or fade. Even better, our garage floor coating solution cures in only about 24 hours. Take a look at the following benefits afforded to you when you partner with us for your garage floor coating:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic

Reap the benefits of our garage floor coating system today by calling us at 1-844-209-1230 or filling out the form below!

Garage Storage Experts Serving Saint Louis County

We also specialize in garage storage. We know that everyone’s garage takes on a slightly different function. Whether your garage is a space used primarily for storing your vehicles, or whether it is exclusively used for storage, we’ve got the ideal storage solution for you. Our storage solutions are customizable and versatile, meaning that you can have it designed to fit your unique wants and needs. You can make it completely your own with solutions like overhead storage!

Say goodbye to your organizational woes when you partner with us. Reach out to us today at 1-844-209-1230 or simply click below to schedule your free garage storage estimate in Saint Louis County, MO.

Job Stories From Saint Louis County, MO
Creating Dream Garage in Kirkwood, MO

Was called to discuss garage renovation options for a beautiful home on an unbelievable lot in Kirkwood.  The owners have a typical garage with concrete floor and several "storage" solutions consisting of wire racks, odds and ends shelves, and various other thing's that can be found in someone's basement and then used for garage storage.  The house is beautiful and well kept but the garage - as is common - was the "junk drawer" no one wants to see except the owners who live there and see it every time they come and go.

We discussed options and came up with solutions for a beautiful new polyaspartic floor in Moose Tracks color, several shelving and cabinetry options including our Drop Zone and workbench with maple top, and a few sections of slat wall to get everything off the floor.   LED lighting will light it all up wonderfully.  Importatnly, we can get things that are sitting in front of the windows and blocking any view away from those windows.  We were able to work around a refrgerator and a couple other things that they need in their garage.  The result will be a completely transformed garage space.  And wile the back deck is a great place to view the wooded backyard space, we think the garage may now become a popular place to hang out, too!

The Works in Town & Country, MO

Hello Garage of West St. Louis was called to a project in Town & Country MO where the homeowner was interested in a garage renovation to be consistent with the rest of their beautiful high end finishes throughout the ret of the home and property.  The garage is in decent shape but it has truly become the "junk drawer" of this beautiful home.  The homeowners realized after having a party on a nice spring day at the house recently that most all of the guests pass by the garage on their way to the spacious back yard.

Hello Garage will be coating the floor with the Hello Garage 100% polyaspartic in Chocolate Chip color, installing several cabinets and shelves along with a workbench and drop zone, and fully covering 2 of the walls in Snickerdoodle slatwall.   The family will be able to organize (and hide) the variety of things they keep in their garage to help keep the home and one of their businesses looking and running great.  When they come and go to and from their home AND when they have another party or invite friends over they won't have to shut the garage doors anymore - they'll probably keep them open on purpose!

Time to do the Garage in Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield, Mo is full of beautiful homes and busy families.  Hello Garage was out to one of those homes recently to help the family work on their garage upgrade.  The neighborhood is about 20 years old with nice looking exteriors and well manicured lawns.  Everything is in order except the garages which are all facing the street.  It's time for this family to lead the neighborhood in the next phase of "curb appeal".


The wife/mother of the home was leading the way and wanted to clean up the look of the garage and bring some organization to it.  Hello Garage designed the space with polyaspartic floor coating in Mint Chip with Gingerbread slat wall and several organizational storage units, including the very popular "garage mudroom" or Drop Zone.  After this project is complete, this family will be stopped plenty by walkers who frequently pass by the home.

Top Flooring Needed in Webster Groves, MO

Went to visit a beautiful home near Webters Groves, MO to respond to their need for "garage flooring."  We found a very large and very nice garage owned by a couple who are now empty nesters.  Their garage showed that as it was largely organizaed and clutter free.  But even though the garage had some sense of organization and they didn't have alot of stuff that needs to be put away you can't get away from the typical garage concrete floor and all its shortcomings. The woman of the house definitely wanted a new floor after seeing her son's new grage floor in Atlanta.

We inspected the condition of the floor and took all our measurements and then put together an option for a new Hello Garage polyaspartic floor, stem wall, apron and steps.   After presenting the differences between Hello Garage polyaspartic flooring with a Lifetime Warranty and other options including epoxy and polyurea the homeowners were convinced that 100% polyaspartic is the only way to go for a floor that will look great and stay looking great.  And, by the way, we found they also are excited about the Hello Garage slat wall coating that is 1/4" thick, colored all the way through the material, installed wtih hidden fasteners into studs,  and looks fantastic.  That will not only be a great place to hang some of things they do need to get out of the way but will also look very "at home" in suce a nice and neat garage.



Making Space and a Beautiful Floor in Des Peres

WEnt to visit a client in Des Perse MO about organization with a particular intereset in Hell o Garage polyaspartic flooring.  This outdoorsman has a lot of gear and a few kids and needed to better organize some things.   His foiundational interest is in the polyasprtic flooring.  After discussing and making a presentation of the solid advantges to the polyaspartic the client realized that is what he had to have for his home.


After some space planning, he decided he must have the very popular Hello Garage Drop Zone to keep things organized by the door and out of the house.  with 10' ceilings upgrading to 8' uprights and adding another shelf make this a gret storage option.  He will add storage to that once the floor and DRop Zone are installed and he's better able to see how his truck and other vehilce fit into the new space.  With the new Srop Zone and Cotton Candy floor he may want to keep those vehicle parekd in teh driveway!

New Home in Kirkwood MO!

Client called for an after hours meeting at his (almost finished) newly constructed home in a beautiful section of historic Kirkwood MO.  The home has incredible charm and all the updates a young family could want.  With the new oversized garage an almost "blank canvas" the homeowner visualized a new floor and some storage options to keep the house in order from the beginning.

He was hooked on the Hell Garage polyaspartic floor technology and great look.  He - mostly his daughter - choee Marshmallow Cream for their color for its beautiful simplicity and the fact that it goes well with his new concret driveway.  For storage they wanted to look at shelves and cabinets and ultimately decided on two upgraded 8' shelving units that will be installed side by side along the back wall and allow for future addition of the very roomy Hello Garage cabinet system.  with 10' ceilings the added shelf on top of any Hell Garge storage unit allows hoemoweners to sstore things right up to the ceiling.  One 4' x 8' section fo Sugar colored slatwall along with accessories will fit perfectly alongside the chelves on the back wall fo the garage - leaving plenty of room for the full zied SUv and another car.

This new home will be one to stop by and admire from the great walking streets of Kirkwood.  Maybe people will even be able to look past the Hello Garage!

Flooring Storage and More in Webster Groves!

customer built a new home in Webster Groves and making their garage space beautiful was part of the plan.  So they called Hello Garage for ideas on the transformation.  A complete package with bright Marshmallow Cream flooring with Snickerdoodle slatwall, cabinet, shelving, a Drop Zone and LED lights will do the trick.  This will turn heads in a few weeks when completed!

Storage Was the Plan; Now Flooring too in St. Louis

customer moving into beautiful new condo in St. Louis /Clayton .  They wanted ideas on storage to get things off the floor and looking sharp.  After time spent space planning on the storage Hello Garage made the polyaspartic flooring presentation and they were convinced to add that in Cotton Candy to make the entire garage space what they were dreaming of.  Cabinets, shelves, Drop Zone, slatwall and lighting to go along with the floor will transform this garage into the envy of the development!

Airplane hangar in Chesterfield Mo

Customer purchased an airplane hangar to house his personal plane.  Of coiurse , he plans to spend a lot of time there working on and telling stories with the other pilots and crews.  It's a special club.  He didn't want jsut any crummy concrete floor to pullonto each time he went in and oiut of the hangar so he called Hello Garage because he knew he wanted the best flooring that will look great, be easy to maintain, and last a long time.  Hello Garage 100% polyaspartic flloor coatings is the best on the market with great colors, expert installation and a Lifetime Warranty!  He chose Marshamallow Cream to lighten up the hangar and help his plan to stand out.  He pland to follow that up wtih some shelving and slatwall to keep his place looking professional and with great function.

New 5 Car Garage in St. Louis

beautiful new home being built jsut off the fairway at one of the nicest country clubs in St. Louis.  This home features an oversized 3 car garage and another 2 car garage.  Before moving in the new owners wanted to make sure that theie garage had the same to pof the line finish as the rest of the house.  Only Hello Garage 100% polyaspartic flooring would do.  Cookies and Cream is the perfect color for garages of that size and that will be hoiusing some vey nice automobiles.

Flooring, Storage and More in Wildwood MO

Customer called Hello Garage oiut to his new home in Wildwood to help with storage for his young family and also flooring which will stand the test of toem and look great.  Hello Garage, cabinets, shelving, and slatwall will proivde them with the storage and organization they need and get all that clutter under control.  Gingerbread slatwall and Cookies and Cream flooring will compliment the beautiful and sturdy powder coated steeel uprigth storage in a gunmetal gray color.  wildwood is more organized already!

New Home, New Garage, New Car, New Floor

A customer just moved into a lovely home with a spacious three-car garage that will be home to a custom classic car and everyday vehicles.  The trendy Marshmallow Cream flooring with Hello Garage 100% polyaspartic coating with a Lifetime Warranty is the perfect color to make the garage bright and beautiful!

Creating Space and Beauty in St. Louis

Hello Garage went to an established home in St. Louis near Town & Country and Des Peres area to help with space planning of the overly cluttered garage. The customer quickly took to cabinets, shelving, drop zone, and workbench designed into the space along with two sections of Slatwall.   Suddenly, he could envision his garage space and floor being organized and clean. He knew he also needed the long-term protection and beauty of Hello Garage flooring in the space, and Butter Pecan was the color of choice. Ads will turn when the garage door is open on this corner house.

Basement Upgrade in Kirkwood, MO

A young family moved back to their old neighborhood in Kirkwood, Mo and planned to fix their basement for the kids and other entertaining.  While considering many options, including carpet or a do-it-yourself floating floor, they also wanted the beauty and durability of the Hello Garage polyaspartic floor system.  Once they discussed with Hello Garage and looked at samples and another garage done by hello Garage just around the corner, they decided to cover their 1000+ square feet of a basement in Marshmallow Cream color.  The basement can take whatever they have in mind and do it in style!

Fresh Flooring in Ballwin, MO

Mike, a homeowner in Ballwin, MO reached out to Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for help with the flooring in his garage. Our Dream Team at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County installed a tough and beautiful garage floor using polyaspartic garage floor coating in a lovely Moose Tracks color. Mike loved the look of his new garage floor that our Garage Gurus put together for him. If you're tired of staring at your plain dusty bare concrete floor, get in touch with Hello Garage for a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Rewarding Floors in Ballwin, MO

William, a homeowner in Ballwin, MO thought that the beat-up garage floor he walked on every day when entering his home deserved to look more like the fabulous home it was attached to. So, William picked up the phone and called over our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. Our polyaspartic floor coating looks like granite and it is just as tough. All of William's friends had to know who designed his dream floor. You, too, can have a dream floor - call Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today and get your free estimate scheduled. 

Flooring and Storage in Ballwin, MO

Linda is a homeowner in Ballwin, MO, who reached out to Hello Garage of West St. Louis County about a new garage floor. She also wanted to clean up her garage clutter with some garage storage solutions. Our Dream Team at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County suggested polyaspartic floor coatings because they come with a lifetime guarantee and are durable and elegant. Our Garage Gurus also recommended Hello Garage's full line of garage cabinets and Slatwall storage systems to bump up the storage game in Linda's garage. Contact Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate and let us familiarize you with all of the garage flooring and storage options to makeover your garage. 

Garage Floor Revamping In St. Louis, MO

Homeowners in St. Louis, MO had an oversized garage and wanted to revamp their garage floors. They contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to review our exclusive garage flooring products. Our Garage Gurus introduced our 100% polyaspartic garage floor coating that is damage and UV resistant, leaving your garage looking brand new for years to come. Contact our crew to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today! 

Garage Flooring And Storage Solutions In Chesterfield, MO

Jennifer of Chesterfield, MO found us online and booked a consultation using our easy online booking form. Our Garage Gurus provides free, no-obligation and estimates so you can see all our flooring and storage options before installation. We installed a Slatwall, organization system and polyaspartic garage floor coatings. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

Garage Floor Transformation In Saint Louis, MO

A homeowner in Saint Louis, MO contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to redo the floors of his home's garage. Our professionals presented him with all eight colors options for our 100% polyaspartic garage floor solution. Keith and his family decided on the beautiful color choice, Butter Pecan. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's exclusive color, Butter Pecan, is a brown neutral with specks of black and white blended together to give any garage a clean finish. Discover the perfect match for your garage by scheduling a consultation with us today! 

Completely Customizable Slatwall In Saint Louis, MO

The best part about Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's Slatwall solution is entirely customizable. Susan designed her Gingerbread colored Slatwall with large baskets and hooks to organize her garage items easily. We also installed storage shelving and a polyaspartic garage floor coating in the color Cookies & Cream to complete her garage transformation. Customize your dream garage today by scheduling a consultation with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. 

Turning Garage Dreams Into Reality In Saint Louis, MO

Homeowners in Saint Louis, MO had dreams of a functional garage floor. They wanted to turn those dreams into reality so, they scheduled a free consultation with our Dream team at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. We presented Melissa and her husband with eight possibilities for our polyaspartic flooring. These coatings are durable, easy to clean and even come with a lifetime warranty! Discover all the benefits of our flooring system by scheduling your free, no-obligation estimate today! 

Mint Chip Polyaspartic Flooring In Saint Louis, MO

Hello Garage of West St. Louis County offers eight beautiful color choices for our 100% polyaspartic flooring. A Homeowner in Saint Louis, MO fell in love with Mint Chip for his garage floor color. Our exclusive color Mint Chip coordinates perfectly with warm and cool tones, offering a granite-like look and durability. Discover the best color options for your polyaspartic flooring by contacting our Garage Gurus for a free consultation!

Oversized Garage Gets New Flooring In St. Louis, MO

Homeowners in St. Louis, MO had a nice, oversized garage and wanted to upgrade their flooring. Sarah contacted our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for the complete rundown on our flooring solutions. We installed stain-resistant polyaspartic flooring in Cookies & Cream. Their garage floors were ready to take on anything! Contact us today for your free consultation! 

The Best In Garage Flooring In Chesterfield, MO

Steve knew he wanted the best flooring solutions, so he contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. Our Garage Gurus offers durable polyaspartic flooring in eight colors, but this homeowner decided on a soft neutral. Marshmallow Cream is a handsome neutral that fits nearly every space and is exclusively available with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. Let us help you pick the perfect color for your garage by scheduling a free consultation!

Reimagine Your Garage Floors In Saint Louis, MO

Garage floors play a huge role in the aesthetics of a garage. That's why homeowners in Saint Louis, MO trusted our Garage Gurus to reimagine their garage floors. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County installed high-quality polyaspartic flooring in a beautiful color, Butter Pecan. Tom and his wife were pleased to have garage floors they would be proud to show off. Start your garage upgrade by contacting us today for a free estimate! 

Improving Garages In Chesterfield, MO

Every homeowner thinks about improving their home and Hello Garage of West St. Louis County specializes in those garage upgrades. Steve and his wife scheduled their free consultation to see our storage and flooring solutions. We installed durable polyaspartic flooring in our exclusive color, Marshmallow Cream. Schedule your free consultation and discover the perfect solutions for your home! 

Storage Systems In Chesterfield, MO

Improving the look of their home's garage organization was a top priority for homeowners in Chesterfield, MO. After a free consultation with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County, they knew what they needed to organize their garage. We installed storage system crossbar hooks, storage drop zone with butcher block and polyaspartic flooring. Discover all our storage possibilities by scheduling a free consultation! 

More Liable Garage Space In Saint Louis, MO

Garage spaces can create more livable spaces with the help of our Garage Gurus. Homeowners in Saint Louis, MO needed our help to organize their garage to make it more functional. As a result, Hello Garage of West St. Louis County installed a custom Slatwall, overhead storage, shelving and polyaspartic flooring. Discover all the possibilities by scheduling your free consultation today! 

Stained Garage Floor Refreshed In Chesterfield, MO

A couple in Chesterfield, MO noticed their garage floor was stained after years of use. They contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to see what solutions we can offer and how our products can improve their garage. Our Dream Team removed their stained coating and replaced it with a Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic flooring. Contact us for your free consultation! 

Organized Garage Means More Livable Space In Saint Louis, MO

When you have an organized garage, it can feel like you're gaining more livable space. This was true for homeowners in Saint Louis, MO. They contacted our Garage Gurus to see our line of storage and flooring products. We installed a custom Slatwall, various shelving, vertical bike hooks and polyaspartic flooring. Our new storage and flooring solutions transformed their garage. Contact us today for a free consultation! 

Garage Upgrade Home Project In Saint Louis, MO

Homeowners in Saint Louis, MO were considering a couple of projects but decided to start their garage upgrade. They contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to see how our Garage Gurus could help them achieve their garage upgrade. We installed durable polyaspartic flooring to give their garage a clean and organized space. Discover all our flooring and storage solutions by scheduling your free consultation! 

Garage Flooring & Storage - Chesterfield

We transformed a garage floor with our Polyaspartic floor covering which provided our customer with a beautiful new floor surface with better traction and more protection against the St Louis weather elements.  Storage shelving and slatwall were also installed which will hep our customer keep items off the floor and easier to access.


Floor Color:

Slatwall Color: Gingerbread

Polyaspartic Floor - Grover, MO

Chrissy is looking for flooring and storage options for her garage.  She contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to address her needs.  We were able to provide her flooring options in multiple flake colors and a variety of storage to meet her needs.  Contact Hello Garage today for your free estimate.

Dream Garage Flooring in Maryland Heights, MO

Moses was looking to update this garage flooring, apron, and stem wall at his residence.  Our Garage Guru at Hello Garage offered his flooring solutions in multiple flake colors.   He was interested in the 100% polyaspartic flooring in the Rocky Road flake.   Moses decided to wait to do his garage.  Contact us today for your free estimate!  

Storage Shelving In Webster, MO

Evan wanted to add more storage to his garage in Webster, MO. He was thrilled to learn our Garage Gurus specialize in top-of-the-line storage solutions! We helped him design a garage with the perfect amount of shelves, so everything in his garage had a place to be stored. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation! 

Tough Garage Floor In Chesterfield, MO

Sal didn't like his epoxy garage floor since they began to peel in heavy traffic areas. He contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County and our Garage Gurus helped him sort through the advantages of our epoxy alternative. We installed our durable polyaspartic flooring that's easy to clean and even comes warranty-protected! Contact your local Hello Garage of West St. Louis County and schedule your free consultation! 

Complete Garage Improvement In Chesterfield, MO

Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County strive to improve the look of your garage by allowing you to customize your storage solutions. Gary and his wife had a blast choosing their storage solutions for their garage in Chesterfield, MO. Our Garage Gurus installed a drop zone, storage shelves, crossbar hooks and Butter Pecan polyaspartic floors. Scheudle a free estimate today!

Unique Color Variations For Our Garage Floors In Ballwin, MO

Ballwin, MO homeowner was excited to see their garage floor transformation. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's Garage Gurus showed them the eight unique polyaspartic color variations we offer. Our Dream Team installed their new floors, giving them a garage floor that would be protected from stains and damages. Contact us and schedule a free estimate! 

Customizable Garages In Ballwin, MO

Our Garage Gurus love helping homeowners customize their garage transformations in Ballwin, MO. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County offers storage and flooring solutions to make your garage dreams a reality. We installed a custom Slatwall with accessories, overhead lighting, storage shelves and a polyaspartic flooring. These homeowners loved their new space! You will love yours too. Scheudle a free consultation to get started! 

Completely Change Your Garage In Ballwin, MO

After a free consultation and speaking to her husband, Ballwin, MO homeowner was ready to make a change to her garage. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's Garage Gurus helped her customize her storage and flooring solutions. Our Dream Team installed a custom Slatwall, overhead lighting, storage shelves and Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic floors. This garage would look brand new again for years to come! Schedule your free estimate today! 

New Flooring Option for Customer in Maryland Heights, MO

Moses was interested in Hello Garage, as he was looking for new flooring for his garage.  Hello Garage was able to provide Moses with the option of 8 different flake colors for the floor, along with custom options.   We offered flooring in just about a day with a lifetime warranty.  At the time, Moses decided to wait to start on his flooring project.

Many storage options to keep your Garage Organized in Grover, MO

Jenn was looking for storage options for her garage.  She was mostly interested in slatwall, shelving, and possible a pulley overhead system.   We do offer slatwall and shelving options that can hold up to 300 lbs per shelf and 50 lbs per hook.  We also offered her our overhead storage rack that can hold large tubs and up to 300lbs.  All of these Hello Garage installs.   Jenn is deciding which storage options would work best for her space and function.

Hand Grinding Under Cabinets Before Installing Garage Floor Coating!

Preparation of the floor is key to success of the floor coating adhering to the concrete.  Which means even those hard to reach spots need to be properly prepped.  Good thing, we are not afraid to get a little dirty!  This customer had existing built in wall cabinets that ALMOST went to the floor, but not quite.
Our awesome Garage Guru, Brandon, used a hand grinder to properly prep the floor under the cabinet. This will allow our product to adhere properly, and create the finished look the customer is looking for. This type of attention to detail is why are customers give us 5 ⭐reviews! Way to go, Brandon!!! 

The customer was thrilled with the extra attention to detail.  He did not expect us to put floor coating under the cabinet.    He is happy with how his durable, granite like floor turned out and can't wait to show his neighbors.

Hand Grinding Under Cabinets Before Installing Garage Floor Coating! - Photo 1
Superior Floor Coating in St. Louis, MO

Our team of Garage experts were hard at work installing our extremely durable, epoxy alternative floor in St. Louis today!  In typical St. Louis summer fashion, we had a heat index of 115 degrees.  Our crew worked hard, while taking many water breaks, to provide our customer with her beautiful, new garage floor in less than a day!  Just check out what she has to say!


"I just want to let you know all is good with my new floor.

Thank you for your help.  The crew was very nice and all my questions were answered.

I am not sure how they did it in that heat!

Thank you again" 

Durable Floor and Overhead Storage in Chesterfield

Today, we were in Chesterfield a suburb of St. Louis, installing our durable epoxy alternative flooring.  Our customer was looking for flooring and storage solutions for their home.  We installed our polyaspartic floor coating in the color Cotton Candy and then added overhead storage and shelving that we professionally install.   

The customer was thrilled with the results and our professional manner!  Even though it was over 100 degrees outside we were able to complete the job early, and John helped her move a fridge from her garage.  That's the Hello Garage difference!

Garage Makeover just in time for Graduation Party

We are in beautiful, Ballwin today.  Our customer is so excited to finally get her durable, easy to clean garage floor!  When our Garage Guru, Mike originally met with the homeowner, she wanted to get her garage floor done before summer.  She had two graduations she wanted to celebrate first prior to installing the floor.  We set up a time that was convenient for her after the graduations but before the graduation party!   
The homeowner loves her new Cotton Candy floor like the one shown, and can't wait to use her transformed garage space to entertain.  If you are interested in garage flooring, storage, or organization.  Contact Hello Garage for your free estimate!

Garage Makeover just in time for Graduation Party - Photo 1
Reliable Garage Floor In St. Louis, MO

Jon was confident that our Dream Team could provide him with a reliable garage floor. We coated his concrete floor with our polyaspartic flooring solution that is durable and resistant to stains. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County is so confident in the quality of our polyaspartic floor coating that we offer every homeowner warranty with their new coating! Contact us and schedule a free consultation! 

Surprise Garage Storage In Ballwin, MO

Nate wanted to surprise his family with a garage makeover in Ballwin, MO. He worked with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to design the perfect storage for his garage. We installed a Slatwall with hooks, drop zone storage and coated his floor with our polyaspartic solution. Design your dream garage by scheduling a free consultation today! 

Garage Upgrade In Chesterfield, MO

Kerri had a free consultation with our Garage Gurus and loved our flooring solutions. After speaking with her husband, she was ready to begin her garage floor upgrade. Our Dream Team installed a Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic solution, making their garage floor durable and stain resistant! Schedule a free consultation with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County! 

Rely On Our Garage Floors In Chesterfield, MO

Improve the look of your garage with the help of Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. April trusted our Dream Team to give her a garage floor she could rely on to be easy to clean and resistant in Chesterfield, MO. We completed the installation of her Butter Pecan polyaspartic in about one day! Schedule a free consultation today! 

Marshmallow Cream Polyaspartic Coating In St. Louis, MO

Bare garage floors tend to hold on to stains and are susceptible to damage from everyday use. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County offers a flooring solution to give homeowners beautiful and reliable garage floors. We presented Melissa with our eight color choices for her installation in St. Louis, MO. Her Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic coating completely transformed her garage space! Discover all the benefits of our polyaspartic epoxy alternative by scheduling a free consultation today! 

Out With The Old And In With The New Polyaspartic Solutions In Chesterfield. MO

Hello Garage of West St. Louis County offers an epoxy alternative that lasts longer and is more durable than traditional epoxy. Justin worked with our Garage Gurus to pick the perfect color for his polyaspartic coating. Our Dream Team coated his garage in about a day! Discover all our unique solutions by scheduling a free consultation! 

Slat Wall Garage Organization in Maryland Heights

Check out this organization job we did for a customer in Maryland Heights, MO!
Our customer was looking for wall to wall organization but didn't have room for multiple shelving units. We worked with the customer to come up with an organizational solution that is not only practical but visually appealing! This slat wall is commercial grade which allows each hook and basket to hold up to 50 lbs!  Now they were will have plenty of space to not only park their garage, but also store all their items!

Slat Wall Garage Organization in Maryland Heights - Photo 1
Referred Customer for New Garage Flooring in Chesterfield

Referrals are a true form of flattery!  Today we are back in a beautiful, Chesterfield neighbor that we have been fortunate to have transformed a few of the neighbors garages as well.   This homeowner called us based of the positive experiences his neighbors had!. He was looking for durable, garage floor coating that was an alternative to epoxy.  Our 100% polyaspartic coating with a lifetime warranty was exactly what he was looking for. The Marshmallow Creme Flake looks great, and compliments the feel of the rest of the home.  He is very happy with the results, and we hope to be back in the neighborhood transforming another garage soon!

One Day Install of Garage Flooring in Eureka, MO

We are in beautiful Eureka, MO located about 15 minutes away from Chesterfield and 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis, MO.   We are installing new premium floor coating in a newer 3 car garage.  The homeowner was looking for a product that is backed with a lifetime warranty and had a granite type finish.  He chose our product because of its durability and warranty.   

We used the color Cookies and Cream which has a grey base with black, white, and grey flecks in there.  This color worked beautifully with the garage entry door and the paint color.  Hello Garage was able to install the floor coating in just a day !


Contact Hello Garage today for your free estimate!

One Day Install of Garage Flooring in Eureka, MO - Photo 1One Day Install of Garage Flooring in Eureka, MO - Photo 2One Day Install of Garage Flooring in Eureka, MO - Photo 3
High Performance Floor Coating in Creve Coeur
We love helping our customer's transform their spaces!
This homeowner had some old floor coating on his floor that was chipping and flaking. During our prep work we removed the existing floor coating, and then applied our high performance floor coating in the beautiful color Mint Chip that comes with a Lifetime Warranty. We are glad you will be able to enjoy your new floor for years to come! Here is a nice review the customer left for us!
"They did a great job and the finish product was beautiful" - C.B.
Garage Solutions in Chesterfield, MO

Hello Garage is in stunning Chesterfield, which is a suburb of St. Louis County.  Today, we are providing a garage makeover for a homeowner who is looking for something to bring their drab concrete floors to life!   We are applying our epoxy floor coating alternative, in a beautiful Marshmallow Creme color.  Unlike Epoxy, this polyaspartic technology is designed to last, and comes with a lifetime warranty.   We also installed garage organziation solutions by using our PVC slat wall and accessory kit.  Since the slat wall is made from commerical PVC grade material this slat wall can hold up to 50lbs per hook.  That is alot of storage posibilities. 

If you are looking for a free consultation for polyaspartic garage floor coating or storage, please reach out for your free estimate from Hello Garage of West St. Louis County!

Custom Garage Storage Solutions and Durable Flooring in Kirkwood, MO!

Hello Garage in charming Kirkwood, MO today!  In the neighborly community of Kirkwood, many of the homes are older with smaller garages.  This creates a challenge for homeowners as this wish to park their vehicles in their garage along with store items.  We worked with the homeowner to provide garage shelving solutions with shelves, cabinet installation, and an overhead drop zone.  We also installed slat wall to hang additional items.   For the floor, we worked to prep the floor that needed some repairs prior to applying our polyaspartic garage floor coating over their concrete floors.  The finished product is beautiful, and was completed in just a day!


More Slat Wall Organization in Maryland Heights

Hello Garage is back at a repeat customer's home to add two additional 8 feet slat wall pieces to the homeowner garage.  The cut-to-fit slatwall with professional installation makes it easy for us to offer this homeowner customized storage solutions.  Contact Hello Garage for a Free Estimate for all your storage or organizational needs.

Professionally Installed Flooring and Organization in Ballwin

Hello Garage is Ballwin, a suburb in St. Louis County, installing our superior Polyaspartic floor coating in our popular flake color chocolate chip.  This chemical resistant formula won't peel, fade or yellow- unlike epoxy.  Along with flooring, this homeowner will be adding storage shelving and slatwall that will be professional installed by our crew at the customized location requested by our customer.   Our crew completed this job in a day, and the homeowner was excited to be able to walk on his floor the next day!  Contact Hello Garage for a free estimate and design consultation!

Beautiful, Textured Garage Floor Coating in Chesterfield

Hello Garage is in Chesterfield, MO today which is only a few minutes from St. Charles County, doing a two car garage installation.   When we met with the homeowner, they were looking for a granite like finish for their garage floor that was currently cracked and discolored.  They chose Hello Garage because we are backed by more than 45 years of experience and offer a lifetime warranty.   They were surprised to learn they would be able to enjoy their garage in as little as a day after install.  They are so excited to enjoy their new, beautiful garage space.  

Garage Flooring Solutions in Chesterfield

Hello Garage is in Chesterfield today professionally installing our epoxy alternative floor coating.  This garage is new, and is in good condition.  The homeowner is looking for an elevated look for the "front door" of his home, since his family and visitors typically enter thru the garage.   We were able to install our granite like floor coating in a day, including a small bump out in the back portion of the garage.   This floor will not be protected, easy to clean, and beautiful for years to come!  If you would like a free estimate, contact Hello Garage today!

Garage Transformation in Ballwin

Hello Garage is in Ballwin today, which is a suburb of St. Louis County.  We are onsite where we will be professionally installing our superior polyaspartic floor coating to this in home in just a day!  Along with floor, we are also installing our PVC, durable slat wall that has the strength to hold up to 50 lbs per hook and shelving that is commercial grade that can hold up to 300 lbs per shelf.  This garage is set!  With professionally installed flooring and storage that comes with industry leading warranties.  

If you are interested in transforming your garage, basement, or office give us a call for your free, no obligation estimate!

Premium Garage Floor Coating and Slat Wall in Kirkwood

Hello Garage is in the family friendly community of Kirkwood, MO today.  We are professionally installing our premium garage floor coating with proven polyaspartic technology, in the highest quality formulation, that will give this customer the granite like floor they are looking for.   If you are interested in premium floor coating or storage reach out for your free estimate!

Epoxy Alternative Durable Flooring in Sunset Hills
Hello Garage was in Sunset Hills, a suburb of St. Louis, located near Fenton installing new floor coating in a 3 car garage. They were looking for something to cover their ugly, stained, and cracked concrete floor. They had heard that epoxy was not the product of choice anymore and reached out to Hello Garage because of of their use of the highest quality products and lifetime warranty. We professionally installed floor coating in our popular chocolate chip flooring. The new floor looks stunning.
Thank you to these wonderful homeowners for letting Hello Garage be part of their garage makeover!
Epoxy Alternative Durable Flooring in Sunset Hills - Photo 1
Improve Garage Flooring Appearance in Manchester

Hello Garage is in Manchester, MO today which is a suburb of St. Louis County.  We are meeting with a homeowner who had called after seeing our ad in a local magazine.  They are looking to improve the overall look of their brand new garage to maximize their living space.   They have chose Hello Garage's floor coating for its 100% polyaspartic formula and lifetime warranty.  We will be installing our chocolate chip flooring option to their concrete floor at the end of August.  


If you are interested in garage flooring, storage, organization or commerical flooring give us a call!  We would love the opportunity to give you a free estimate!

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