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Hello Garage of West St. Louis County Q&A

How much would it cost to do premium concrete floor coating in my garage?

Like many things we purchase the answer depends. What's great about Hello Garage is we offer Free Estimates from our Garage Guru so you can know exactly what it will cost to create your dream space! We have found for many homeowner, the answer is less than what they expected! Here are a few specific things that affect the price: Size of your garage Condition of your garage floor Moisture level in your concrete Options like coating the stairs, foundation walls, or the exterior apron How long you want your floor to last And remember, even the highest quality coatings, if applied by less skilled installers or with corners cut to save cost, will not perform long-term.

Is polyaspartic concrete coating an affordable option?

Great question!  Many of our St. Louis and St. Charles county homeowners are pleasantly surprised by the affordability of our concrete floor coating!   Depending on a variety of factors, a standard 2-car garage typically cost anywhere from $2500 or up.  The best way to know how much it would cost for your home is to have one of our Garage Guru's provide you with a free estimate.     

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