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Hello Garage of West St. Louis County is Lake Saint Louis, MO’s trusted garage renovation specialist, offering garage storage, garage floor coatings and garage accessories. Our team is skilled, efficient and committed to providing you with the best products in the industry. Not only that but we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional installation experience. What’s better than that?

Ready to enhance the look and usability of your garage? Contact us today at 1-844-209-1230 or complete the provided form to schedule your free garage renovation estimate. We are proud to serve Lake Saint Louis, MO and areas nearby in Saint Charles County.

What services do we offer in Lake Saint Louis?

We excel in perfecting the elements of your garage that make the biggest impact. That’s why we focus on garage storage, floor coatings and accessories. Read on to learn more about the services we offer in Lake Saint Louis:

  • Garage Floor Coatings: We offer a Polyaspartic Floor Coating System which resembles the look and strength of granite and can be installed in about a day!
  • Garage Storage: Our Storage Solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.
  • Garage Accessories: Our Slatwall Sets, track system and other accessories are crafted to take your garage to the next level.

Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative in Lake Saint Louis

Too many homeowners and garage renovation contractors rely on epoxy floor coating for their garage floors. Unlike our counterparts, we have developed our own state-of-the-art floor coating system that is designed to never peel or fade. Even better, our garage floor coating solution cures in only about 24 hours. Take a look at the following benefits afforded to you when you partner with us for your garage floor coating:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic

Reap the benefits of our garage floor coating system today by calling us at 1-844-209-1230 or filling out the form below!

Garage Storage Professional Serving Lake Saint Louis

We also specialize in garage storage. We know that everyone’s garage takes on a slightly different function. Whether your garage is a space used primarily for storing your vehicles, or whether it is exclusively used for storage, we’ve got the ideal storage solution for you. Our storage solutions are customizable and versatile, meaning that you can have them designed to fit your unique wants and needs. You can make it completely your own!

Say goodbye to your organizational woes when you partner with us. Reach out to us today at 1-844-209-1230 or simply click below to schedule your free garage storage estimate in Lake Saint Louis, MO and beyond in Saint Charles County.

Job Stories From Lake Saint Louis, MO
Superior Polyaspartic Floor Coating in Lake Saint Louis

Hello Garage is in Lake Saint Louis today, a beautiful lake community located in St. Charles County just about 15 minutes from Chesterfield.  We are installing our beautiful garage floor coating to a brand new home.  The homeowner is looking to have their home protected, with a durable granite like look from the beginning.   

Our team of professionals, professionally installed the floor in the 3 car garage in one day.  This home will be move in ready with a lifetime warranty!

If you would like a free estimate, contact Hello Garage today!

Improve And Protect Your Garage Floors In Lake Saint Louis, MO

Improving the look of their garage was a top priority for homeowners in Lake Saint Louis, MO. They wanted a solution to take away the stains on their garage floor and present new stains in the future. Our Dream Team coated their garage floor with our durable polyaspartic flooring solution that would protect their garage floor for years to come! Schedule a free consultation with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County.

Polyaspartic Flooring System In Lake Saint Louis, MO

Charlie and his wife trusted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to improve the look of their home's garage. Our Garage Gurus showed them various options, but overall they wanted our polyaspartic flooring system. This durable flooring solution gives their garage floor a brand new look in Lake Saint Louis, MO. Call our professionals today to schedule your free consultation! 

Durable Polyaspartic Flooring In Lake Saint Louis, MO

Charlie contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for the latest in flooring solutions. He wanted a garage floor that could be easily cleaned and would hold up to high traffic. Our Dream Team installed a durable polyaspartic flooring in the exclusive color, Butter Pecan. Contact our specialists today for your free consultation! 

New Coating For Wood Stairs In Lake Saint Louis, MO

Lake Saint Louis, MO, homeowners wanted to coat their new wooden stairs. They contacted Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for the latest in flooring solutions. Our Dream Team covered their stairs using a durable polyaspartic coating. Their stairs are now protected from high traffic and damage-resitant. Let us help you with your home projects by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation!

A Whole New Garage in Lake Saint Louis, MO

Rich is a homeowner in Lake Saint Louis, MO, who requested an estimate from Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for garage storage systems, accessories, and floor coatings. The Garage Guru experts at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County suggested a combination of garage cabinets, Slatwall with movable hook and basket accessories, and polyaspartic floor coatings. Garage storage solutions can transform the look and feel of your garage. Additionally, polyaspartic floors are budget-friendly and all of these Hello Garage storage and flooring products come backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you don't have to worry. Reach out to Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today to request a free, no-obligation estimate for your garage makeover. 

Renewed Floors and Storage in Lake Saint Louis, MO

Richard, a Lake Saint Louis homeowner, got in touch with Hello Garage of West St. Louis County because his garage floor was looking shabby and the clutter in his garage was becoming overwhelming. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County suggested a polyaspartic floor coating and a customizable Slatwall storage system, which installs in about a day. Polyaspartic floor coatings are durable and stylish. They come in 8 striking color options, so you're sure to find something that suits you. Of course, nothing fits more with a chic and durable floor than Hello Garage's Slatwall storage system. Accessories such as hooks and baskets can be mounted and moved quickly to accommodate changing lifestyles and seasons. Call Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today for your free, no-obligation estimate. 

Great New Floors in O'Fallon, MO

Joe, a homeowner in O'Fallon, MO, desperately needed a new garage floor. Our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County suggested polyaspartic floor coatings, which come in 8 beautiful colors and a lifetime guarantee! These floor coatings are solid and fashionable. Call Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today for a complimentary, no-obligation estimate and let us acquaint you with all of the garage flooring and storage options to transform your garage. 

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