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Ellisville’s Leading Garage Floor Coating Company

Hello Garage of West St. Louis County is Ellisville, MO’s reliable garage renovation company. We are dedicated to offering you only the best products and services in the industry. We offer garage floor coating, storage and accessory solutions. Even better, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional installation experience that you’ll want to tell your friends about!

Are you ready to revamp your garage? Contact us today at 1-844-209-1230 or complete the provided form to schedule your free garage renovation estimate. We are thrilled to serve Ellisville, MO and the surrounding areas in Ellisville.

Efficient Garage Renovation Services in Ellisville

Ellisville, MO garage transformation by Hello Garage of West St. Louis County.

Ellisville, MO garage transformation by Hello Garage of West St. Louis County.

We focus on the areas of your garage that will have the largest impact when perfected: flooring, storage and accessories. Want to learn more about our services? Read on to figure out why we are the leading garage renovation company in your area!

  • Garage Floor Coatings: We offer a SparTek™ Floor Coating System that resembles the look and strength of granite and can be installed in about a day! It is the best epoxy coating alternative on the market.
  • Garage Storage: Our storage solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.
  • Garage Accessories: Our slatwall sets, track system, overhead storage and other accessories are crafted to take your garage to the next level.

Garage Floor Solutions in Ellisville

Your garage floor bears the brunt of dirty shoes, car tires and loads of other stuff. That is why it’s crucial to select a garage floor solution that is capable of enduring it all — our polyaspartic coating that customers love. You’re in luck because we have created our state-of-the-art Polyaspartic Floor Coating System. Our solution won’t peel and comes with the following benefits:

  • Higher quality
  • Durability
  • UV-Resistant
  • Several unique colors
  • Quick-curing
  • Non-peeling
  • 100% polyaspartic

We offer reliable alternatives to garage polyurea and garage epoxy for long-lasting floor coatings. Polyurea is UV-resistant and dries quickly like polyaspartic formulas, but does not bond well with the concrete underneath and is not as durable over time. Epoxy's similar adhesion problems also make it less than ideal for the harsh garage environment.

Go with the trusted garage epoxy coating alternative that you know won't let you down. Choose a floor coating that won’t fail you when you partner with us. Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule your free estimate!

Garage Storage Specialists Serving Ellisville

Has your garage turned into your coat rack or even your junk drawer? At Hello Garage of West St. Louis County, we aim to transform homeowners’ garages into front doors! We strive to make your garage a welcoming, clean, unique place with solutions like overhead storage and superior garage floor coatings. That is why we developed a storage system that is both versatile and customizable so that you can design it to meet your unique needs.

Level up your storage when you choose Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for your garage renovation. Reach out to us today at 1-844-209-1230 or simply click below to schedule your free garage renovation estimate in Ellisville, MO and beyond.

Job Stories From Ellisville, MO
Customer Referral for Flooring and Storage in Ellisville

Customer referrals are the best!   Our Hello Garage dream team of professional installers are in Ellisville today.   We are doing a garage makeover for a lovely homeowner that was referred to us from a previous customer.   We applied our premium floor coating to the floor and completed the garage transformation by adding shelving and slatwall to the organize the space.  The transformation looks fantastic!

Customer Referral for Flooring and Storage in Ellisville - Photo 1
One Day Garage Makeover is Ellisville

Our Hello Garage Dream Team is in Ellisville today doing a one day install of slatwall and our premium floor coating.   We were able to transform this already nice two -car garage into a beautiful space!


If you would like to transform a space in your home with our premium floor coating and storage give us a call!   We would be happy to provide you a free estimate.

One Day Garage Makeover is Ellisville - Photo 1
Fast Garage Floor Coating Installation in Ellisville

Hello Garage and our team of professional installers are in Ellisville, located in St. Louis County, today.   We are doing a one day install for a three car garage.  The homeowner chose the popular moose tracks color which has a beige and brown base and is perfect for matching the exterior of their home and aggregate driveway.   The garage turned out beautiful and with a lifetime warranty our homeowner can rest easy knowing we used premium products and the floor will look great for years to come.


Stunning Polyaspartic Flooring and Storage in Ellisville

Our Dream Team of Installers are located in beautiful Ellisville, MO.  Which is nestled by Ballwin and Wildwood in St. Louis County.  We are working with a wonderful couple who are excited to see their garage transformation take place in just a day!   We installed our premium floor coating in the popular cookies and cream color.  We also provided our heavy duty overhead storage that is able to hold up to 300 lbs!   While we were there they also asked for two additional floating shelves, which we were able to take care of.   They love their new floor and are already referring their friends to us!  Thank you for your business!  


If you are interested in garage flooring, storage, or organization give us a call for your free estimate!


Professionally Installed Flooring and Organization in Ballwin

Hello Garage is Ballwin, a suburb in St. Louis County, installing our superior Polyaspartic floor coating in our popular flake color chocolate chip.  This chemical resistant formula won't peel, fade or yellow- unlike epoxy.  Along with flooring, this homeowner will be adding storage shelving and slatwall that will be professional installed by our crew at the customized location requested by our customer.   Our crew completed this job in a day, and the homeowner was excited to be able to walk on his floor the next day!  Contact Hello Garage for a free estimate and design consultation!

Surprise Garage Storage In Ballwin, MO

Nate wanted to surprise his family with a garage makeover in Ballwin, MO. He worked with our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County to design the perfect storage for his garage. We installed a Slatwall with hooks, drop zone storage and coated his floor with our polyaspartic solution. Design your dream garage by scheduling a free consultation today! 

Garage Makeover just in time for Graduation Party

We are in beautiful, Ballwin today.  Our customer is so excited to finally get her durable, easy to clean garage floor!  When our Garage Guru, Mike originally met with the homeowner, she wanted to get her garage floor done before summer.  She had two graduations she wanted to celebrate first prior to installing the floor.  We set up a time that was convenient for her after the graduations but before the graduation party!   
The homeowner loves her new Cotton Candy floor like the one shown, and can't wait to use her transformed garage space to entertain.  If you are interested in garage flooring, storage, or organization.  Contact Hello Garage for your free estimate!

Garage Makeover just in time for Graduation Party - Photo 1
Completely Change Your Garage In Ballwin, MO

After a free consultation and speaking to her husband, Ballwin, MO homeowner was ready to make a change to her garage. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's Garage Gurus helped her customize her storage and flooring solutions. Our Dream Team installed a custom Slatwall, overhead lighting, storage shelves and Marshmallow Cream polyaspartic floors. This garage would look brand new again for years to come! Schedule your free estimate today! 

Customizable Garages In Ballwin, MO

Our Garage Gurus love helping homeowners customize their garage transformations in Ballwin, MO. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County offers storage and flooring solutions to make your garage dreams a reality. We installed a custom Slatwall with accessories, overhead lighting, storage shelves and a polyaspartic flooring. These homeowners loved their new space! You will love yours too. Scheudle a free consultation to get started! 

Unique Color Variations For Our Garage Floors In Ballwin, MO

Ballwin, MO homeowner was excited to see their garage floor transformation. Hello Garage of West St. Louis County's Garage Gurus showed them the eight unique polyaspartic color variations we offer. Our Dream Team installed their new floors, giving them a garage floor that would be protected from stains and damages. Contact us and schedule a free estimate! 

Dream Garage Flooring in Maryland Heights, MO

Moses was looking to update this garage flooring, apron, and stem wall at his residence.  Our Garage Guru at Hello Garage offered his flooring solutions in multiple flake colors.   He was interested in the 100% polyaspartic flooring in the Rocky Road flake.   Moses decided to wait to do his garage.  Contact us today for your free estimate!  

Fresh Flooring in Ballwin, MO

Mike, a homeowner in Ballwin, MO reached out to Hello Garage of West St. Louis County for help with the flooring in his garage. Our Dream Team at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County installed a tough and beautiful garage floor using polyaspartic garage floor coating in a lovely Moose Tracks color. Mike loved the look of his new garage floor that our Garage Gurus put together for him. If you're tired of staring at your plain dusty bare concrete floor, get in touch with Hello Garage for a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Rewarding Floors in Ballwin, MO

William, a homeowner in Ballwin, MO thought that the beat-up garage floor he walked on every day when entering his home deserved to look more like the fabulous home it was attached to. So, William picked up the phone and called over our Garage Gurus at Hello Garage of West St. Louis County. Our polyaspartic floor coating looks like granite and it is just as tough. All of William's friends had to know who designed his dream floor. You, too, can have a dream floor - call Hello Garage of West St. Louis County today and get your free estimate scheduled. 

New Home, New Garage, New Car, New Floor

A customer just moved into a lovely home with a spacious three-car garage that will be home to a custom classic car and everyday vehicles.  The trendy Marshmallow Cream flooring with Hello Garage 100% polyaspartic coating with a Lifetime Warranty is the perfect color to make the garage bright and beautiful!

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