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What is the Best Time To Install a Garage Floor Coating?


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You’ve probably seen ads for fancy garage floor coatings while browsing social media. They can turn a dirty, cracked and stained garage floor into something fit for an automobile showroom — with varying degrees of success and durability. But can you coat your garage floor in the middle of a Northern winter? What about a Texas summer? Our garage floor coatings experts weigh in on the best time of year to coat your garage floor.

It All Depends on the Type of Garage Floor Coating

To answer that question, you first need to decide what type of coating you want. There are polyurethane coatings. There are epoxy coatings. And, fairly recently, polyaspartic coatings — once only available for industrial applications — have come on the market.

For our purposes here, we’re going to focus on that last category, because polyaspartic floor coating technology is the only one that resists cracking, peeling, hot-tire pickup and UV degradation and can be installed in just a day. It can cost slightly more upfront, but you’ll end up saving money over the life of the garage because if it’s installed right, it will last for decades.

“If it’s installed right.”

That’s the only downside to polyaspartics. That’s because for a successful installation, the surface must be prepped by experienced professionals using specialized equipment. But that also brings us back to our topic: the best time to install a new garage floor.

Spoiler Alert: It’s Always Garage Season 

That’s right; so long as you hire a team of professionals with experience in the installation of polyaspartic floor coatings, you can turn your nasty old garage floor into one that approaches the look, feel and durability of polished granite any time of the year. Driving rain? No problem. Heat and humidity? No problem? Snow and ice? What do you care? You’ll be warm and cozy inside your home while your garage floor is being coated.

Our Professional Floor Coating Installation Process

floor coating professionally installed in a garage

From grinding to applying topcoat to cleanup and beyond, our Dream Team provides professional results at every step.

Professional installation is key, and our Dream Team is a group of trained installers equipped with the best tools and knowledge to get your garage floor coating installed correctly.

  1. Our team thoroughly prepares your floor using an industrial grinder. This isn’t something you can rent from your local home improvement store. We’re talking huge, industrial takes 2 guys to get it off the truck, monster of a grinder. Using a high-end grinder is key to fully opening the pores of the concrete, which causes the coating to actually adhere to the concrete, becoming one with the garage floor.
  2. We repair any cracks and damaged areas on your garage floor. All garage floor coatings will have a more difficult time bonding to the concrete when there are cracks and uneven surfaces, so our team does their best to create a completely even surface for the coating to be applied to. This is also the time where they fill in the control joints of the concrete floor if the customer has requested that service. (Filling in those control joints is simply an aesthetic decision and doesn’t impact the performance of our polyaspartic garage floor coating.)
  3. The colored base coat is applied! Unlike the other guys, our base coat is made of polyaspartic too, ensuring maximum durability and protection. This is also the first step in applying the final floor coating “flavor” that you picked out during your free estimate.
  4. The flake is broadcasted professionally all over your garage floor. It truly is an art. The color in the flake depends on that flooring “flavor” you picked out! We even offer custom flake colors available by special order for those who have a specific design in mind for their garage.
  5. The clear polyaspartic topcoat is applied. To give you the best-looking garage floor coating around, our Dream Team ensures the topcoat is distributed evenly. Again, it's an art that our team has mastered.
  6. This last step to your garage floor coating install is the most important one of them all…you get to admire your beautiful new garage floor without feeling worn out or tired because you didn’t have to install the floor yourself!

That’s really the only downside to polyaspartics. But lucky for you, we have our Dream Team here to help you, a.k.a. the best garage floor coating installers around. That also brings us back to our topic: the best time to install a new garage floor.

Stress-Free, One Day Installation

Professional Garage Flooring Installer

Your dream garage is within reach! Just call Hello Garage.

This means you can surprise a loved one with a brand-new garage floor for any occasion — whether it’s the holidays, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or… whenever! Plus, since it takes just a day to install, if you can get the recipient out of the house for 24 hours, they’ll return to the surprise of a lifetime: a totally renewed garage floor!

And, once you’ve renewed your garage floor, you’re going to want to do the rest. Paint the walls, install cabinets, other storage options and slatwall, organize your tools and other gear. Your garage will be transformed from what was once a dark and dingy cave you briefly traversed while moving from your car to your kitchen into a welcoming foyer for what is, let’s face it, your home’s true front door.

All you need to do is open up your calendar and pick a date…

Are you ready to book your free estimate? Visit HelloGarage.com or call 888.59.GARAGE now.

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